Slush, new shoes and a chicken dinner

I was very umimmpressed when I woke up this morning. I pulled back the curtains and beheld this;

At first it had started to rain. Fine. I love rain. But then it started to rain and snow at the same time. I call it; "Raning slush."

Which is pretty much what is was doing. everything was slushy, muchy and wet, because as soon as the "snow" touched the ground, it started to melt, because it was above freezing temparature. But the wind still made it feel pretty darn cold.

So, mum decided to be nice and drove me to the thrift store where I volunteer, and I (yay!) foudn some adoooorable boots in the back of the store. Hehehe.

I don't know why it's so blurry. but anyway, I am wearing my favorite skirt ever in this picture, my wool top, my favorite purse and my (duh) new boots.

Um....yeah, that is...........lint, dust, tissue and a cloth of some sort under the sofa. Ignore that. LOOK AT MY SHOES!

Aren't they cute? And they FIT!!! I NEVER find shoes to fit me. EVER. People don't believe that it's possible that a gilr my age has size nine feet. *hangs head*

Oh well. I'm sure that their size will come in uselful for SOMETHING.

But look what I had for dinner!

                                        These are the potatoes before I put them into the oven, and after I put oil and salt and Oregano on them.................yum!

Salad, Ketchup (my brothers are big ketchup fans..........yech) and someone's plate, loaded with a bit to much food!

  Here is one of my brothers posing for the camera....  =D

I really hope that there are no vegetarians following my blog!!

Well, I'm done for today.

God Bless!


  1. I *heart* thrift stores! They are the awesomest things ever! My thrift store has 99 cent clothing day on Sunday; that's when I usually go. Last time I went, I found this gorgeous $100 Macy's dress for $8!

  2. Haha these I got for four dollars, and my mummy got $300 boots for $3!


    It almost feels wrong..........

    Byut I did pay!



  3. Wow, that is so cool! Don't you just love a good deal? :D

  4. Those boots are awesome! Now I want to find a thrift store near my house and convince my mom to take me... we both like good deals. :)
    And that food looks yummy too...

  5. Yup....

    Thrift stores are the best!!

    Who spends $30 on a shirt that everyone else gets when you can buy something unique (am modest) for $3???

    Ah well.


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