Thoughts and reflections

Thoughts about today:

Today, was a typical Monday. Got up, did school, ran to my room to devour a book, had lunch. I am bored out of my head (yes shame on me) but I am grateful for the chance to be bored. After today, our hectic week of activities start. Monday: Piano, (online class in the near future) and swim club. Wednesday: Piano, volunteering. Thursday: actually, I think we are free this Thursday! Friday is our wind down day, and then Saturday is chore day. We clean the bathrooms, the kitchen, the basement (ack!) we do laundry.....Then Sundays we have Mass! I get to worship God in the Holy Eucharist, and afterward, spend time with my good friends! So Sunday is definitely my favorite day of the week!

I have Recently become obsessed with movies set in the 1800s. So far, my two favorites are Wives and Daughters ( although I didn't like how Molly started to wear her hair like Cynthia, and was wearing trousers at the end) and Pride and Prejudice ( the old one and the new one, for different reasons). I now have on my list: Northanger abbey, Persuasion, and Emma.

I adore the Mysterious Benedict Society series. Kate and Milligan are my favorite characters. I haven't read the third one yet, but I really want to! So far, I'm pretty sure that the first one is my favorite, but I can't quite decide.

Anyways, got to go, mum says I'm a blog addict, so will finish my train of thought some other time!

God Bless,